Creating a foundation for the ongoing growth of Mecca's online business. The result: a crafted experience befitting Mecca’s craft coffee.


In 2005, Paul Geshos was one of the first people to bring specialty coffee to Sydney. Mecca quickly become one of Australia's most respected roasters, supplying coffee to hundreds of boutique cafés up and down the east coast, including its own flagship outlets. We helped extend their sales online, bringing the experience direct to consumers everywhere.

Paul wasn’t merely jumping on the bean-filled bandwagon; for Mecca it’s been about quality coffee since day one. We found the perfect opportunity to build on the organic story of Mecca, helping more people enjoy their craft through a more articulated brand story and seamless online store experience.

We leveraged Mecca's values of care and authenticity to inform a new website, creating a foundation for the ongoing growth of their online business. The brand and website come together to create a crafted experience befitting Mecca's craft coffee.


One of the world's oldest beverages is now flowing freely through a cutting edge online sales platform. And coffee lovers are now able to drink in the rich Mecca story, via the brand’s fluid D2C sales channels.