Good On You

Making ethical fashion more accessible through a global fashion guide profiling how ethical (or not) brands are.


Good On You is a global fashion guide profiling how ethical (or not) brands are – rating their impact on people, the planet and animals. This vital information needed an accessible online destination and campaign. Our strategic insight to reach the widest possible audience: people want to look good first, and know that they're doing good second.

We secured actress, philanthropist and globally renowned ethical fashionista Emma Watson to lead our 'wear the change you want to see' message.

Together with the founders, we empowered a new generation of conscious consumers with the 'Good Swap' initiative, encouraging alternative eco-brand options. Fashionistas became activists, with a platform enabling them to message brands directly, calling for change. Top-rated brands receive certification for their online stores.


Good On You has become the benchmark for sustainable fashion worldwide. Building a combined reach of over 300,000 app users, subscribers and followers that are part of the 'good on you' movement. Achieving over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone.