Helping 'puppers' live their best life through a customised real food diet, delivered straight to their doggy door.


Just like us, 'puppers' are what they eat. With an industry that needed to be disrupted and kibble being the main source of food for our four-legged friends, we dug up the dirt on those brown balls that can have a shelf life of up to 25 years! Lyka is the first of its kind in Australia to deliver a modern dog food diet crafted with nutrition, not shelf life. It has an ingredient list you can see — and say — to serve up what nature intended.

Puppers living their best life through real food have a wag to their tail and a bounce in their step. Vibrant and full of life one minute, cuddly and content the next. This is part of the core concept we developed for Lyka. We fed this through the elements of the brand system - how it looks, feels, sounds, moves and behaves. Featuring our very own Wellness Manager, Crumpet the Cavador.


From onboarding to unboxing we brought the Lyka brand to life, with a strategy and visual identity that gave the modern-day fur parent something to bark about. New boxes are dropping at doggy doors as you read, fastly growing a pack of 'puppers' across Australia who are happy from the inside out.