Jimmy Brings

Creating Australia's first alcohol delivery platform to quench our insatiable thirst for ultra-convenience.


Jimmy Brings' Dave and Nathan approached Made Together with a simple idea — to create Sydney's first alcohol delivery platform. Of course, orders delivered in 30 minutes (or under) needed clever tech and pointed branding. Inspired by the bootleg-era, we brought the Jimmy Brings brand story to life and created Australia's first alcohol delivery platform, leading to an ongoing relationship now spanning all aspects of the brand's communications.

We designed a simple and intuitive user experience that reflects the brand story in every detail, from the retrained colour palette, to the sharp tone of voice, and streamlined checkout. To deliver on the brand promise of alcohol in 30 minutes, customers can see who's delivering their order, where it is, and an estimated delivery time.


After being acquired by Woolworths in 2017, Jimmy Brings is an Australian startup success story – and also one of ours.